YouTuber Law: An Introduction


YouTuber Law: An Introduction
Legal Advice to YouTuber entrepreneurs

Lior Leser, Esq.
Technology, Internet and Software Law

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I wanted to create a series of videos providing YouTubers with instructions on how to establish and grow a YouTube business.

There are already some great videos on YouTube discussing how to grow your channel. How to increase your views, get more subscribers, use better cameras and improve your lighting.

I love those videos.

What I wanted to do is a little different. As a tech lawyer, I wanted to provide instructions helping YouTubers setup, build and grow a business.

Obviously, as a tech lawyer, Im focusing my videos on the legal side of building a YouTube business.

From incorporating your YouTube business to legally using music and pictures in your videos.

From setting up product promotion agreements to including required disclaimers in your product reviews.

From protecting your channel’s name to abiding by YouTube’s licensing requirements.

Rather than speaking generally about any type of business, this series of videos will focus solely on the uniqueness of a YouTuber business.

Now … What do I mean by a YouTuber business?

I’m speaking about a business that starts first and foremost by relaying on the creation and promotion of video content.

Whether you are starting a daily vlog, producing educational videos or product review videos, the focus is on producing, distributing and monetizing your video content.

A YouTuber business is not about video marketing of your offline products. Its not about promoting your services. Its about content.

That’s my focus. How to legally and effectively build a video content based business.

So hang in there with me and come back to this channel to check new YouTuber business videos.

Of course,anytime, if you have any particular issues or questions, please do not hesitate to send me a comment. I’ll be happy to answer any question you may have to develop a new video around your particular question

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