Making Money With Pinterest!


Step One:

The first step of course is to sign up for Pinterest if you haven’t already.

So, go ahead to and get signed up!


Step Two:

Now you want to Join the Affiliate Program for Robert August Menswear.  They are paying a commission of 12% (one of the highest in the retail affiliate sector) with an average sale of $300 (that’s an average of $36 per sale)

Visit this link to sign up for their Affiliate Program

It may take a couple of hours for your account to get activated, mine took about 90 Mins.


Step Three:

After you are signed up you are going to want to Log In to your affiliate account and get some information:  Log In here

You want to get your Ref number.  Either copy it or write it down so you can type it later.  Mine is: ref/4/


Step Four:

Now comes the fun part!  Visit one of the items on the site and either click the Pinterest button on the image or use the share bar on the side of the page:

This will pop up

Just Click on the Photo you want to Pin.

Now you want to Create a board to Pin it to, unless you already have a Board Created (I have a couple!)


Step Five:

Once you have saved it to a board you will see this screen.  When you do click see it now (be kind quick, it will disappear in a few seconds)


Your Pin Should open up next, click on the Pencil Icon to Edit Your Post

You will see this Screen.  Click on the Web address and go the end (if you have an end button on your keyboard, click that.  Now paste or type your reference to the end for example this one should read

Then Click Save and you’re done!   Check out Step Six for some tips!


Step Six:

Here are some tips to help you get more Re-Pins!

  1. Name your board something relevant to Men’s Clothing and Shoes
  2. In your description, don’t forget to add some Hashtags! #shoes #bespoke #mensstyle ect..
  3. If you have a Stumbleupon Account, add a few of your pins to Stumbleupon
  4. Follow other people who pin shoes and style, and re-pin some of their items as well (you want a good mix of your own pins and re-pins.

Have Fun!!!




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