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It’s very hard to find a good email list for sale, and unfortunately I have found one more source that sells bogus goods. sells list they say are “delivery verified”  and when they arrive, the look like the real thing.  Names, emails, mailing addresses, even phone numbers and the IP they signed up on.

But, with a little research I found that most of the emails belong to long canceled accounts that have been listed as know SPAM addresses.  A little more sleuthing and I found that the names and mailing addresses don’t match either.

I tried contacting the company (that uses gmail as their main email address, a sure sign of a high class operation) and was told it must be my software!  Pay us to send your emails!

But here’s the rub, sending a single line email with no links to many of the addresses, from multiple email accounts just proved that they all bounce back as closed or invalid accounts

So, all I can say is AVOID they are not worth your time or money.
















Official Email Marketing is a scam, is a scam,

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